Micro-Credit and small business venture stories


Our women’s self-help group is focused on a sewing program that is job oriented. Once the women have received training they will be provided work by a local textile company that can be done from their own homes.

Sharmila Mondal was very excited to join this program.  She made the whole group burst into laughter when she told them that one of the reasons she wanted to learn to sew was not just as an income generating initiative but also so that she could make nice clothes for her husband and sons!  She said the men in her house were quite big and it was difficult finding clothes that fit them.

Sharmila Mondal
Principal Mr. Bhabasindu Mondal : The principal of the local school in Sulkuni has been a phenomenal support to our work in the Sunderban Islands. During a recent self-help group graduation, he became extremely emotional as he shared of life in the islands. He said, “The only hope for the people of our island is for them to be able to find alternate sources of income as job are extremely limited. This situation has caused many to leave the island & families have been separated from one another. He was extremely grateful to KCF for their efforts to work towards the holistic development & upliftment of his people.””