Health & Wellness Stories

The story of Adhir Mondal is like many that live in the area around the Sulkuni Island. He was born with terrible birth defects & has had to fight for survival every single day of his existence. One of the biggest challenges of this region is that there are very few job opportunities & this forces people to look for employment in regions far away from home.

Adhir, along with a few of his friends moved to the Jammu Kashmir region to enlist with a road building company. Their hope was that they would be able to make more money working in this difficult region. Work conditions were terrible & the weather was harsh. Their dream were dashed & soon their very existence was in jeopardy. Adhir remembers the day when a dear friend of his from the village died because of the trials they faced.

He was determined to return home & after much struggle reached back in terrible health. His health deteriorated day after day & he felt hopeless & frustrated. It was at this juncture that a friend of his told him of the Health Centre being run by the Kolkata Christian Fellowship in Sulkuni. He came to the centre that very Saturday & is confident that he is alive today only because of the care & treatment of the team of doctors & volunteers at the centre. His blood sugar was around 400 on that day & he dreads to think what may have happened if this centre was not in his neighbourhood.

Adhir Mondol
Abdul Manna Mr. Abdul Manna has been coming to our health center on a regualr basis. When he first came in for a basic health check up he was not sure why he was feeling uncomfortable & extremely tired. When the doctor asked that his sugar levels be tested, everyone was shocked. His sugar was almost at 500.

The doctor put on medication immidiately & also advised him to go on a strict diet & exercise schedule. As he came back for periodic follow with the doctor, Abdul began to experince great healing. His sugar level is well under control now & he repeatedly tell us that he would have died if he had not come to the clinic that first time.